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Looking to add to your investment portfolio? Or perhaps you’re looking to start one?

The continuing demand for housing, fuelled by an increasing population growth, ensures property prices are supported, even if the bubble does “burst”. Property can ride out uncertain times for the simple reason that it meets a basic need: people will always need a place to live.

Investing in property is a great financial option as you control where you buy, how you buy, and when to sell.

Subdividing your property

Subdividing your property is yet another great way to boost profits. When you divide one property into two or more, you’ve added value to the property simply by creating the new lots.

Whether you’re looking to build a new property or subdivide your current property, ZB Homes is here to show you how to invest in property to help generate an ongoing source of income.


According to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand’s residential sales report from last year, regional house prices are climbing faster in the Waikato region than in Auckland.

In fact, since last year the median house price in Hamilton increased $122,000 — or 34% to $472,000. 34 percent. That’s not a fluke or blip in the market, it’s a growing trend showing the property development process is worth it.

Aucklanders, as well as many others, are looking to move into the Waikato region. The demand is real and so is the opportunity to lift your income while supporting the community with more housing options.

Our ZB Investment Property BUYERs GET

Lots of

The fun part of building a new home is making it your own; we want you to enjoy this experience. As a first home buyer with ZB you get you the same options as anyone else, so long as they fall within your budget. This means you get to choose from an extensive range of colours for your joinery, roof, guttering, paint, bench-top and splash-back. You also get a good choice of flooring options and house plans.


Everything is included in your contract price (we leave the curtains/blinds up to you). That way you don’t have to worry about going over budget, or finding extra cash at the end of the build; so moving in is much more enjoyable and stress free. You’ll be provided with a full list of specifications, so you know exactly what you’re new home will become.


If you’re renting you need a reliable completion date to work towards, so you can give your landlord notice. You don’t want to end up paying more rent than you need to, or with nowhere to go if completion is delayed. While there are external factors that impact on how long a build takes e.g. the weather, we’ll provide you with an accurate time frame for completion a month out from your build. That way you can go ahead and make all the necessary arrangements you need.

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